Improget Engineering specialises in the design of industrial, marine, offshore and civil machinery and plant systems for third parties.

Our company also provides on-site and off-site specialist design and technical consultancy.

Thanks to its professional expertise, Improget Engineering researches and developes qualitative and trendy interior and exterior design solutions tailored to client requirements


Ufficio Improget Engineering S.r.l.   Ufficio Improget Engineering S.r.l.


We are strongly committed to provide our clients the best possible service.

Our “mission” involves taking care of our clients, analysing and comprehending their needs, as well as proposing innovative solutions of a high qualitative standard

Our objective is to offer advancaed, bleeding-edge engineering solutions

Our focus pivots around our skilled and qualified personel, who is constantly driven and encouraged to grow and pursue ongoing innovation to ensure a unique service to our clients.